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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hunger Games Trailer

So as I am sure you know the trailer for The Hunger Games is out. I really loved the first book. But I am so sad that they are making a movie out of it because I know it's going to shit all over Gale.  I loved Gale so much and I feel the movie is going to make make Peeta look better at Gale's expense. And I really connected with Gale I don't want him to lose what I see in him. I hope though that they don't do that. On the plus, Woody is in it! And he's so amazing. I'm sure Haymitch will be fun to watch. Plus I might reread the first book. I didn't like the second book so I won't reread it. I disliked the second one so much, and because my Nana told me the third wasn't worth the time so I didn't even bother with it. I don't think the author had any idea where she wanted to take the series. She doesn't seem to be a good author and I think she just got lucky with the first one.  Maybe I should do a sort of review for it?

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