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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

American Horror Story

 So I know American Horror Story isn't a book but I don't care I want to talk about it. I started out really liking it. It put me to mind of  The Shining. But this is no Stephen King. First it's not scary. While I admit it may be one of the reasons I liked it because I am a scaredy cat. But since it has nothing else going for it, it should at least scare the piss out of you. Secondly the writing is disappointing and predictable. I think that Violet's death was supposed to be some big shocker, unfortunately you could see it from a mile away. I get that writers want to give the audience some hints to what is going to happen. But these writers pretty much shit the whole thing into the palm of my hands. And finally I know a lot of people watch because Tate is apparently swoon worthy. This makes no sense to me! He shot up his school and killed many people. Not to mention others, like the gay couple. Speaking of which he has some sexual frustration that is not healthy. He rammed a fire poker up that one man's ass! Plus he raped Violet's mom and got her pregnant! There are some things that he's done that's nice. Like I think he really loves Violet. He saved her and her mom from those murderers. I can't look over the other things that he did just because he was occasionally nice. But apparently if you like the dick he's hot. Whatever. And still i can't stop watching, I guess that says something.


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