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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Book Chat: Buzz Words and Deal Breakers

Buzz Words
I feel like this would be one that most people would chose as their buzz word. Not Miranda specifically but a character that shares the same name as you. However I don't often find my name my name in books. I guess my name's just not weird enough for today's character names.

Like many people I have grown up on various fairy-tales. Whether it was from my aunt reading fairy-tales before me and my sister went to sleep or the numerous Disney movies I've watched. I love fairy-tales and therefore love reading about them. I just really like fairy-tale retellings and interpretations.

I just find spies interesting.

Deal Breakers
Love Triangles:
I hate love triangles. They are so overdone and often detracts from the main story. Plus many authors totally fuck over the loser that's not picked.  Not cool yo! But because it is so hard to find a book that doesn't do this I try to read ones that are done more tastefully.

Love at First Sight/Instant Love:

Ugh I detest when books do this. "Oh I've seen you once and now I love you." No bitch, you are in lust. Fuck em and then see how you feel.

Multiple Viewpoints:
I am very weary of multiple
view points. I feel that many authors just can't pull it off. If I'm whipping around many points of view I feel like I'm on a roller coaster and am about to puke. Puking, is definitely not something you want to do when reading a book.

Both a Buzz and a Deal Breaker

I like but am also cautious of books with cheerleaders. I was a cheerleader and hate when they are made out to be a stereotypical mean girl. Were there bitches on the cheerleading team? Duh. But there were actually more bitches on the academic team. Go figure.

Book Chat is hosted by Misty from thebookrat.


  1. Reasons we are similar:
    1. We are both named Miranda
    2. Both were/are cheerleaders
    3. Both in college and enjoy reading

    But anyway, you're very clever and I really enjoy your blog :)

  2. Err...sort of. I'm starting up my youtube channel so my blog is in the construction phase. Everything's a bit of a mess...


Thanks for the comment!


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