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Monday, March 19, 2012

Written Review: Hater by David Moody

2.5 Stars (With spoilers)
I guess I'll start by saying that it took me 2 months to read this book. Considering it's only 288 pages long that should tell you something. I really liked the idea behind it. A pseudo-zombie book that promised action. How could it not be exciting when the world is going nuts and there are attacks by seemingly normal people who all of a sudden snap with rage? How can a book where "a world infected with fear, violence, and HATE" be so boring? I still don't know. What I do know is that for the first 150 or so nothing gets the blood pumping.    

Throughout the book there are flashes of other people changing into a Hater and attacking whoever is around them. But the action and excitement is still lack luster.  Until about 150 I was not an engaged reader. I was forcing myself to continue on by reading this during my breaks at school.

It slowly started to pick up and I found myself enjoying the story. I really liked the <spoiler>Holocaust analogy of the Haters being rounded up to be slaughtered. The battle that happens at the end is pretty much the</spoiler> only blood pumping, shaking eyes reading, thrill that I had. If not for the end I wouldn't have  rated it so high. There are two more books to read. I however have no inclination to keep going. From the reviews I've read, it doesn't get better. So  I can live with where it ended  and watch the movie to catch the rest. Maybe.

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