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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Theme Song Saturday: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

Theme Song Saturday is hosted by Sinn.

Here are the rules found on her blog:
  • On Saturdays, find a song that reminds you of the current book/series you're reading. In your post, tell us about the song, why it reminds you of the book, and post a video (either official music video or anything with the song you can find on YouTube).
  •  Grab the Theme Song Saturday button to include in your post. 
  • When you get your post all up and running, come back here and put a DIRECT link the post in the Mr. Linky Widget I'll put up on Saturdays.
  •  Check out the other people participating and leave comments! As bloggers, we love to get comments, so share the love ^_^ 
  • Everyone is welcome to join! Don't feel the need to participate every week. While I'd love to see you coming back, don't get yourself bogged down. 
  • In yours posts, have a link back to this intro page, so new participants know the rules.

The song I have chosen for Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins is Stupid Girl by The Rolling Stones. This is because I could not stand Sophie's voice in this book. And I stopped reading the book one reason was because she was so aggravating. She was supposed to be 17 but honestly acted and sounded like she was 12. I wanted to tell her to shut her stupid ass up hence the song.

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